Diane F. from W. Newbury writes:

I’ve been very fortunate that Dr. Cutting has been my chiropractor for over 20 years. I hadn’t been in to see him for a while and had a flareup of my old neck problem; after his adjustment I turned my head to check traffic and for the first time in a while, it didn’t hurt to do so. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

Sharon writes:

“Dr. Cutting is amazing! He’s not your typical chiropractor. He spends a lot of time doing soft tissue work, not just crack and go!”

Cindy writes:

“Dr. Cutting is a very competent, compassionate, and conscientious chiropractor. He takes a holistic approach to treating his patients. He listens and answers all my questions. I never feel I am being rushed out the door. He also provided me with exercises to help to maintain my back health after I was treated. So glad I found an excellent chiropractor with such integrity.”

Caroline writes:

“Been seeing Dr. Cutting since 2001 he’s not your typical chiropractor he’s a neuromuscular chiropractor and I have nothing but success with him.

Karen Sawyer writes:

“My husband and I have been seeing Dr. Cutting for several years. He is always quick to fit us into his schedule if it is urgent. Dr. Cutting is very knowledgeable and teaches exercise and stretches to help with whatever issues we may have. We are always very pleased with his care and success of his treatments.”

Anonymous writes:

“Dr Cutting is the one to see if you have back problems, neck pain, sciatica. When traditional medicine frustrates you and it seems there is no hope his services can treat and cure back problems you thought could not be fixed and for a fraction of what you are spending on traditional treatments.”

“Mark H. writes:

“I walked in with lower back distress and walked out 100% better !!”

Anonymous writes:

“Dr. Cutting provides excellent care. He also teaches you exercises to maintain the care you have received. I highly recommend him!”

Anonymous writes:

“I was having trouble with my lower back as a result of a plane crash many years ago. A friend recommended Dr. Cutting. I saw him for a few visits and he recommended I get xrays as he felt there was something else going on with my hip. He was right and after hip replacement surgery I am still seeing him on a regular basis because he helps me with every day issues. One of the best decisions I made was to see him for help.”

Anonymous writes:

“Dr Cutting provides excellent care and has an extensive background in body work and has extensive chiropractic experience! I highly recommend his services.”

Anonymous writes:

Going to Eric supports my desire to live a highly active lifestyle. Whether an adjustment after a long business travel or a “maintenance” visit my experience has always been positive and I always feel better and refreshed.

Amy S writes:

“Eric is committed to providing great patient care. I routinely receive excellent chiropractic care from Eric which significantly contributes to my overall health and wellbeing.”

Dan D from NH writes:

“I have been seeing Eric for 27+/- years. The reason I keep going back is because Eric’s treatment includes massage along with skeletal alignment. Eric provides a great service and I worry about the day he decides to retire.”

Anonynmous writes:

“Eric has been keeping me on my feet for over 20 years. Great full service treatment every time.”

Rich M. writes:

“I have been a patient of Eric for close to 30 years. I can’t say enough about the work that he has done on my back over these years. Background; I am 63 years young. At the age of 19 I had a severe skiing accident while racing that took the better part of a year to recuperate. Added to that I am a builder and have worked outside all my life….to this day. Tough on the body. From time to time past injuries and the physical demands of my work means I need Eric’s help. Go see him.”

Deb writes:

“Dr Cutting is wonderful. He gives you his full attention and his assessments are spot on. You never wait nor are you ever rushed. The fact that he muscle tests and massages before each adjustment is awesome. I am a very happy patient!!!”

Marcia Minott writes:

“I have been a patient of Dr. Cutting for the past 25 years. I started seeing him in my 20’s and brought all 4 of my children to him over the years. My husband is a patient as well. Dr. Cutting spends a good 45 minutes with me each visit . With his adjustments and deep muscle work I come out of every visit feeling 100% better. I wouldn’t trust anyone else for my families chiropractic care.”

Jill writes:

“I love Dr. Cutting. He spends almost an hour on the appointments, really listens and has fixed things that weeks of therapy have not. He has so many years of experience and really explains your injuries or problems. He is laid back and down to earth and taking my insurance has never been problematic. He isn’t like those drive through chiropractors that only take five minutes or less and don’t ask what is wrong with you or differentiate you from the other eight people waiting.”

Lee writes:

Over the past 35 years, I’ve been treated by a number of chiropractors. But, hands down, Dr. Cutting is the best practitioner I’ve ever seen. I’ve been in chronic pain from herniated discs in my lower back for years. But with Dr. Cutting’s expertise in traditional chiropractic, combined with muscle work, I am walking again, and in minimal pain. I am forever grateful to him for being the kind and caring chiropractor he is.

Anonymous writes:

“My pain was reduced and my posture improved. I would recommend Cutting Chiropractic”

Anonymous writes:

“Dr. Cutting has helped me immensely. He is a kind and caring physician. I was injured in a plane crash a long time ago and he is the only one who has been able to alleviate some of my issues with those injuries.”

Anonymous writes:

“I’ve been a patient of Dr. Cutting for nearly 10 years. I’m a marathoner and Ironman triathlete and wouldn’t be able to perform my best without Dr. Cutting’s care. I’ve been able to avoid injuries, set many PRs and get much stronger because he’s part of my regular training and recovery program. I strongly recommend him to any athletes who are looking to get/stay healthy and train/race to the very best of their abilities.”

Anonymous writes:

“I have routinely had sessions with Eric Cutting to help maintain the health of my back and overall well being. I am convinced this commitment to chiropractic health and Eric’s great care is why I enjoy good health today.”

Anonymous writes:

“Dr. Cutting is an amazing provider. I was referred to his office in 2014 and I have seen him every other week. He has helped me in many ways, including eliminating migraine headaches and generally feeling better. He is passionate about his patients and wants the best for them. I highly recommend his for any issue you may have or for general “maintenance”.”

Anonymous writes:

“Eric has always been ready for me and alwsys explains what and why he does what he does. Very professional, really knows the body. I will always go to Eric whenever I have discomfort. Great results.”

Lois R. from Florida writes:

For those of you living near Amesbury, MA, please go and see Dr. Eric Cutting. Get your body tuned up. He is wonderful. I should know. I went to him for over 16 years before we moved. Wish he lived closer to me. He is a gem.

Jane T. from Amesbury writes:

I met Dr. Eric Cutting four weeks ago, and was diagnosed with sciatica, which caused extreme pain and limited my normal daily function. For a long time I had been using a cane, for fear of falling. Now, only four weeks later, I am pain and cane free, as a result of Dr. Cutting’s manual therapy and manipulations. His gentle touch, and mannerisms, were most effective. I would highly recommend his care, and professionalism, to anyone who may have fear or doubt about using chiropractic services.

Dr. J. Lamonica from NY writes:

“I have had the great honor of receiving a chiropractic adjustment from Dr. Eric Cutting. To me, his touch is reminiscent of the old time chiropractors, with his firm, yet gentle, touch. His hands are confidant and speak to a deep knowing of body mechanics. During my treatment, I received a full muscular system balancing. It is wonderful to know that the foundational work of true chiropractic stays alive through the work of someone who is as pure and wise as Dr. Eric Cutting. It is without hesitation that I recommend to all, searching for health on any level, to experience the the gifted professional team of Cutting Chiropractic and Healing.”

Bob B. from NH writes:

“Some people get headaches wth stress, I get low back pain. A major hospital in Boston once told me that I may need to have spinal surgery one day, if the curvature in my spine worsened. Having once been on heavy medication for this pain, my neighbor suggested I call his chiropractor, Dr. Eric Cutting. After a thorough consultation and examination, Dr. Cutting told me his unique spinal care may be able to help with my current leg pain, as well as my chronic scoliosis. Being trained in physics, I was skeptical, but willing. I set about measuring my progress, and after several treatments, was astounded to find I had grown 3/4” due to the re-alignment of my previously curved spine! I also noticed my shoulders, which have been lopsided since a teenager, were now “on the bubble” level. Dr. Cutting’s work emphasizes releasing the muscle tension that can lead to postural imbalances. He also said if I wanted to stay healthy, and need him less, that he would instruct me in his simple home exercise program to maintain my progress. His office is a friendly place to be, and I have come to realize that Dr. Cutting does indeed care about my health and well-being. “

Brian L. from Salisbury writes:

“I can honestly say, even after being dragged kicking to my first visit with Dr. Cutting, that I have had consistent relief from chronic neck pain that had lasted over ten years. Anyone considering chiropractic, even non-believers like myself, can trust in Dr. Cutting’s experience and techniques to relieve their body of aches and pain.”

Sharon T. from Exeter writes:

Eric Cutting’s holistic healing practice is just terrific. Eric loves his profession and it shows. His incorporation of muscle testing is huge. He can correct just about any problem. No “5 minute” fix session with Eric. He is thorough and uses massage and heat in conjunction with his chiropractic skills. If you allow him to share his knowledge of Hanna Somatics and Feldenkrais, he can really fine tune your body!

Cindy D. from Groveland writes:

“I have had the pleasure of experiencing bodywork at Cutting Chiropractic and Healing from Eric Cutting. Upon my first visit with Eric, he took a thorough inventory of the areas where I needed physical adjustments and “tweaking”. He informed me of his findings before making adjustments and clearly stated how the adjustments would be made. He has a wonderful repertoire of techniques to work with and is extremely knowledgeable. If you are looking to reach your best level of health, I recommend sessions with Eric to get you on the right path.”

Anonymous writes:

“Eric is the absolute best! He incorporates a lot of different methods and drives home the importance of stretching and doing exercises on your own time as well. I am always very pleased when I go to visit him. Genuinely great guy who knows his stuff!”

Anonymous writes:

Best chiropractor I have ever used. I have recommended him to people.