The earth’s gravitational force is the primary physical force constantly acting upon us. The more our musculo-skeletal posture lines up with this force as we move about, the more efficiently our body runs. The more efficiently our body runs, the more energy we conserve, the less pain we experience, and the more we are able to move about with ease and comfort.

We all know there are various stresses in life. These can affect us on the physical, mental, and emotional levels (injury/trauma; fear/anxiety; repetitive negative thought patterns). These stresses can also cause ”primitive involuntary reflexes” that tighten our muscles, and often do not allow them to go back to a normal relaxed state of rest. This unconscious process causes imbalanced muscle tension and muscle weakness patterns to form. These abnormal patterns result in our bodies running less efficiently. If this process escalates far enough, it will result in nerve interference and consequent symptoms.

Together, we can identify your tension and weakness patterns and its resulting effect of improperly operating joints by looking at the following: your current posture; the range of motion in the various joints; pertinent orthopedic and neurological tests; muscle strength testing; and by palpating (touching) various muscles, bones, joints, and soft tissue.

Using specific forms of muscle release techniques along with chiropractic adjustments (Hands-on/Activator/SOT, applied Kinesiology, and others) when appropriate, I can help release these improper tension patterns and free up the improperly functioning joints. Most importantly, by spending a full 30 minutes upon each visit to address your concerns, I will teach you specific ways to strengthen your weak muscles and reprogram the nervous system to release your tense muscles.

This work facilitates body awareness, allowing you to be more in balance with gravity to move more smoothly, fluidly, and effortlessly. With the resetting of your nervous system, you will have more energy to enjoy life as you easily access your body’s “innate healing intelligence”.